When you Pre-Order Greatness...

Greatness is there when you need it.

In true Tacoma Baking Company spirit, we present to you products that are local, handmade, high-quality and delicious.

You're a busy person. Thanksgiving is an important holiday.  So important you started planning for this year, five years ago. Everyone has RSVP'd, including the fun uncle and your cousin who does all the accents.  Their ain't no Thanksgiving dinner like your Thanksgiving dinner, because you have Tacoma Baking Company at your table.  

Whether you're the host, or an excited guest, the Tacoma Baking Company has what you need to make your Thanksgiving extra special.  From three types of pie, fresh baked by local bakers, crammed full of taste and tradition, to our Thanks-Full Cookies (the perfect host gift) and our soft brioche rolls paired perfectly with our cranberry sauce.  Buy one, buy them all!  

More than anything, we appreciate your support of a local Tacoma business.