Pumpkin Pie - 10"



  • Description

    Fun fact about pumpkins...The pumpkin is a symbol of the harvest. Pumpkins are grown on every continent, except antarctica.  The largest pumpkin pie ever baked was 3,669 pounds.  The pumpkin is technically a fruit. Morton, Illinois is the pumpkin capital of the world. 

    And now you have all you need to be a pumpkin specialist at the table.  You're welcome.  

    Tacoma Baking Company's pumpkin pie is a spiced, pumpkin-based custard filling, lovingly cradled by a pie shell hand-formed by our bakers, made from real butter (no shortening!) and baked in a collectible pie tin embossed with our own special holiday design.

    With this pie at your table, you will have no shortage of praise for this simple, delectbale, traditional dessert made fresh by a local Tacoma bakery.

  • Pick-up Info

    To allow for your varied holiday events we will send out a survey to our customers. You can sign up for alternative dates to get your pies a little early, or your November 28th pie extra fresh. Please email us at orders@tacomabakingcompany.com with any pickup questions.