Pecan Pie - 10"



  • Description

    pee-KAHN? pick-KAHN? PEE-can? PEE-kahn?

    However you pronounce it, while pumpkin pie may reign supreme on Thanksgiving, the true hero of the dessert table is pecan pie.

    Pecan Pie, with it's thick gooey caramel filling, will put a smile everyone's faces at your Thanksgiving gathering.  The Tacoma Baking Company has filled this 10" pie with 1 pound of pecans, baked on a hand-crafted buttery pie crust (no shortening!) and served on a decorative, collectible pie tin embossed with our own special holiday design.

    How can you tell when the pecan pie is done?  When you see the Tacoma Baking Company logo at the bottom of the pie tin.




    To allow for your varied holiday events we will send out a survey to our customers. You can sign up for alternative dates to get your pies a little early, or your November 28th pie extra fresh. Please email us at with any pickup questions.