Apple Crumble Pie 10"



  • Description

    Apple crumble pie.  A tradition. A staple. An American way of life.  

    Apples are a symbol of knowledge and temptation.  And tempted you will be to keep this 10"  flavor-packed showcase of a pie to yourself.  But, alas, tis the season to share and the season for family and friends...  

    Tacoma Baking Company's crumble-topped apple pie is a must have for your Thanksgiving spread.  Starting with a decorative, collectible pie tin embossed with our own special holiday design, a pie crust hand-formed by skilled bakers and made with real butter (no shortening!), our apple pie filling is a full FOUR POUNDS of chunky cuts of granny smith and gala apples and a oh-so-crumbly cinnamon sugar crumb topping.  This dessert will disapear fast.   

  • Pick-up Info

    To allow for your varied holiday events we will send out a survey to our customers. You can sign up for alternative dates to get your pies a little early, or your November 28th pie extra fresh. Please email us at with any pickup questions.